How to Start Mac in Safe Mode to Resolve the Issues

Published on May 26, 2015


If you are facing any problem while starting up the Mac Outlook, then try to use it in Safe Mode. So in this blog, I am going to discuss How to use Mac Outlook in safe mode.

Safe Mode is a technique to start Mac in such a way that it will prevent some applications that loads automatically when system Start Up & also carry out certain checks to ensure that everything is all right.

Starting Up Mac in Safe Mode does the following tasks:

  • Validates & Repairs the directory files if needed.
  • Will only load the essential kernel extensions.
  • Prevents Some applications that load automatically.
  • Will disable the fonts installed by user.
  • Will delete the System Cache, Font Cache & Kernal Cache files.
  • All these changes made by Start Boot may help in resolving the issue related to Startup Disk.

Steps to Start Up the system in Safe Mode:

  • At first Restart Mac and instantly hold the Shift Key as you hear Start Up sound.
  • As you see the Apple logo on the Mac Screen Release the Shift Key.

It will take more time as compared to the usual to launch the login screen because it will carry out the directory checks to ensure that everything is all right.

If you want to quit safe mode than just restart your system without clicking any key.

In case if you are using FileVault

In case if have encrypted your Startup disk with FileVault, hold shift key after pressing the power button to start your system in safe mode. You may find the log in prompt twice during the process, first for the startup key and then to log into the Finder. As you see the first login screen just release the shift key.

If you found that it is working fine in safe mode, then restart your system and if your issue is resolved, then the problem is caused by directory or cache which is fixed by start up mode.

If issue still persists after restarting the system, then disable the application that automatically loads into the system when you login.

What if the system restarts in the Safe Mode

If your Mac restarts automatically in safe mode, then don't worry, it is has found an issue and trying to fix the issue.

What if Your System Shuts down during safe mode

If your Mac is restarting or shutting down during the safe mode, then contact with Apple Support regarding the issue.

How to Check whether you are in Safe mode or Not

Use System Information to check whether you are in safe mode or not. In the software section you will find the Boot Mode as the safe mode, otherwise you will find the Normal Mode as shown below:

You will also find "Safe Mode" at the upper right corner of your login screen when you are in safe mode.